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The Chair on Internet Policy, instituted by ICRIER, seeks to conduct policy research and engage with a wide range of stakeholders to understand the role of the Internet on society, along the following themes of Value, Security and Governance.

Internet is intricately related to society at large and its contribution to well being is complex. It continues to alter the structure of the Economy, and more fundamentally, how people relate to each other: While Internet may contribute tremendously to GDP disruptions in businesses and displacements of jobs create social tensions, which demand good governance. Moreover, the pervasive use of the Internet in the daily organization of social lives, and its global reach also raises issues of security and privacy of individuals and communities, which warrants an understanding of how to manage and govern the Internet, both in particular and global contexts to enhance social welfare. Research questions towards this aim can be categorized under the following interrelated themes:

Internet Infrastructure

Broadly, Internet Infrastructure constitutes Telecommunications infrastructures through which all Internet traffic flows, Internet technical standards such as the TCP/IP, Domain Name Services, Secure Sockets Layer, and Content and application standards such as HTML, XML, which enable the basic functionality of the Internet.

Governance and Security

The decentralized and global nature of the Internet raises a range of legal, governance and public policy issues such as regulation of cyberspace, cyber-security and cyber crime, and related issues of Intellectual property rights and trade, that concern States, private sector, and the civil society and International coordinating agencies.

Dynamics/Structure of the Digital Economy

The Internet changed the nature of economic activity around the world, through the growth of E-commerce and a variety of business organizations and platforms, also affecting the nature of work, significantly. Such changes affect the way governments tax economic activity, how consumers and producers interact and the legal framework on the basis of which economic activity is conducted.