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With the advancement of internet, coupled with the excessive dependence of the daily lives of people on it, the number of people using the internet on their cellular devices has seen an upward trend since the 2000s. The number of mobile internet users is growing at a CAGR of around 23%.

However, we see a marked increase in the number of mobile internet users from 2016 onwards, as the price of data steadily declined. Jio provided customers with plans of as low as Rs. 52 per week with unlimited data and voice call. Additionally, it provided supplementary phones at negligible prices. The masses lapped up the offer as they were unsatisfied with the services of their existing service providers. With India having one of the cheapest prices of data in the world and heavy penetration into the subscriber economy, it was not a surprise that the number of mobile internet subscribers has seen a peak jump from 2016 onwards.

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